Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Inauspicious Beginning
You know you live in the country when you almost hit a nutria on your morning drive. The sight alone is more powerful than the best cup of coffee. Suddenly in the head lights looms a shape, like a giant beaver with a rat's tail. In the middle of the farking road! Thank goodness for a wide shoulder for I would have happily crashed to avoid hitting the animal. Not because of cuteness factor mind you, but because the immediate reaction when you see the equivalent of a giant rat front of you is to AVOID!
This happened a week ago and along with a few other experiences have convinced me it's time to start a blog. I'm really a DIY and craft freak who feels the urge to share my strange and unusal ideas and creations. So why a near nutria experience finally convinced me to get my butt in gear and create this blog I don't know. Perhaps future posts will explain? Maybe it's a mystery of the human mind we will never fully understand? Or maybe i'm just weird and random.

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