Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow, I'm really bad at updating this. Things that have happened since last update:

- Made a raised bed out of the ugly red bookshelf the previous owners left. Also planted said bed. I have a garden, YAY!

- Started work on the 2nd bedroom. My goodness the walls are in horrible shape. 60 year old wallpaper with cardboard backing, badly installed, against wood slats, on a house that has settled, in a humid area. Oh and they painted over it. Sigh, I'm just ripping off what I can and plastering over the rest. When that dies in a few years I'll have the money to sheet rock it.

-2 sides of the house have been resided! Thank you Conan for that. No more falling shakes. I miss the shakes and the color but cedar shakes are f-ing expensive. T1-11 for now. It will last long enough that I can reside it the way I want to in a few years. That whole lack of funds thing again.

-Got my darling neighbors help and ripped out part of my fence. Planted wisteria, jasmine and a grape at the remaining corners to cover the chain link eventually. I have cleaned out and replanted the entire front planter box as well. I've had many of my neighbors jokingly complain that I will be raising the tax value of the homes. I just retort that I left two sides the old siding and old color.

-I have begun ripping out the old cabinets, if you can call them that. Thanks to my new addiction I know exactly how I want my kitchen to look: unconventional mix-and-match rustic.

Pictures to follow when I'm less lazy (and busy).

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